In The Deal Leader

At DLA we often get asked,

“What’s the market like?”

“Are people buying businesses?”

“Is now a good time to sell?”


The reality is that there is currently more cash on corporate balance sheets than ever before, and large organisations are under pressure to spend it in ways that are most likely to yield sustained returns. In a low growth environment like we have in SA it is extremely difficult – and risky – t to use this cash to deliver organic growth, so growth through acquisition becomes the obvious choice. Similarly, overseas companies are continuously looking for investment opportunities that enable them to break out from their own low growth economies. This means that they are looking at international regions where they can find higher growth rates.

One cannot assume that any one category of acquirer (listed or not listed, private equity or investment holding company, international or local) will be more interested in your business than another. The only way to access the market is through extensive preparation and an exhaustive approach. You may just find the perfect acquirer for you!

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